Lorien Resiste!! Cabanes dans les arbres, grands blocus + trépieds, trépieds, trépieds

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Hambach Forest has become an international symbol of climate justice! So has every single occupation that stood firm against RWE Climate Killer coal for last several years and continues in our hearts and our stories long after it is physically gone.

Lorien remains and has done so for the last 2 weeks of intense blockades involving tripods all around this tree-sit barrio reinforced by sit down blockaders, locking together with soft lock ons and as the police aproach, face off the activists and surround them by responding with singing and chanting. With « Strong as a Rock & Rooted as a Tree. » « Power to The People, People got the Power » just some among many beatifully sung often drowning out the official announcemets, noise of heavy equipment and often chainsaws.

For over 200 weeks this was the way Punk Pod leading to Lorien Blocked access to the forest with 3 tripods, walkways and a treehouse, once evicted it would be immediately reocupied by people rushing through the lines of riot cops to climb back on top. And once removed it was the same evening put up again. That is why at the present moment there is police lighting up the road to Lorien and standing there through out the night in riot gear to make sure that this does not happen again, or at least not in that same place.

Today(26 of Sept) they aproached again Lorien from another direction and build a road and a parking place in front of Lonely Oak(Taka Tuka) as people blocked the direct access with additional walkways, tripod at the entrance to the occupation and a sit down blockade under both as people above sung and chanted those in hammocks set up above read and relaxed after the previous day when descending into their positions the climbing activists managed to block and turn back a harvester that was int the process of demolishing last 3 barricades leading into Lorien.

As the riiot cops got closer today people build an inner wall barricade all around the occupation, dug holes through out the forest, made food, sung and played as those in TacaTuca(treehouse) on the Lonely Oak watch a parking lot forming below them and as today is another day when this last large remaining occupation faces more destruction lets not forget that like barricades each treehouse and each forest barrio not only forfilled its function in blocking RWE coal, but it also offered a home and community to many who took and spread around the world the concept of using climbing gear and saws and hammers to build outposts of community of resistance and strategically place them in the way of those who kill destroy and profit the most.. And like barricades even as they are being attacked and knocked down they become celebrations of that same community coming together and becoming even stronger.

Monotony of encroaching waves of repression being punctuated by those who climb onto machinery after breaking through the CO2p lines and as they are being dragged or carried away have the appreiation expressed by errupting aplause from 100 plus who remain.


From the frontline Big and Warm Thank You to so many who came out and continue to support the struggle and to many others organizing distributed actions through out the world.

We would like to share your images and post and archive them online however due to really high level of Hambi Traffic on social media it is difficult to keep track of all the content especially from the frontline. That why we would like to ask you to use the hashtag #HambiSoliFoto. With that hopefully being a beggining and continuation of focus and actions directed at Climate Justice and deforestation issues in your region.

For Hambi!
For The Climate!!
For the Planet!!

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