Films Skillsharing Camp, oct. 2014

source indymedia: Hambacher Forst: Neue Filme

Blocus, traumatismes, les discussions de la mort et de la persistance.
Le visage dans et autour de la forêt de Hambach en images animées.

This film is a result of a blockade in the prefield of the open cast mine Hambach, on Oct., 01, 2014. It was the begin of the « No tree falls » Campaign which the Occupations in and around the forest initiated. The blocked company – Heinz-Bert-Kaiser, Abbruch und Erdbewegungen aus 52388 Nörvenich – which is in charge of the demolition of the old coal-trainway helps the expansion of the open coal mine in the hands of RWE.
During this blockade activists were injured by workers of the company. The violent workers hit, shoved and used hammers and crowbars. Company chef Heinz Bert Kaiser came to the fore, stating: « Who damages my cars or my diggers is going to die. Ok? Thats my word. Get down now! ». Then he grabbed one of the banners and also hit activists. This marks a new high point in the repression against activists in the « no tree falls » campaign by private security services, RWE workers and contractors like Kaiser, Krobbach and the police which injures, abuses and imprisones activists.
The resistance aganst europes biggest climatekiller continues and in this series, more films from the hambach forest occupations and others will be released. They report of blockades, occupations, sabotages and cookingsessions. Support the resistance.

01.10.2014 Hambach Forest Blockade Kaiser

01.10.2014 Hambach Forest Occupation Grubenblick

XX.10.2014 Hambach Forest Barricades and Oaktown

XX.10.2014 Hambach Forest Impressions from Kitchen and Meadow

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