Invitation au Skillsharing camp, automne 2018

Ce camp d’echange de savoirs aura lieu entre le 22/09 et le 03/10. Probablement la plupart des ateliers seraient en allemand et/ou en anglais, mais nous ferons de notre mieux de traduir à d’autres langues si nécessaire.

On veut vous inviter au camp de partage des savoirs à la forêt de Hambach. Il va y avoir des ateliers différents, théoriques mais sûrement il y aura aussi des occasions de mettre des connaissances en pratique…
C’est à prix libre, bien sur. Le camp va avoir lieu en tout cas, si les occupations vont été expulsés, il y a un lieu alternatif pas loin de la forêt.

En bas quelques questions fréquemment posées, en anglais. (Si quelqu’un a envie de faire une traduction, c’est bienvenue).
A bientôt!

We want to invite you to the Skillsharing Camp in Hambach Forest again. In advance, we are going to answer some frequently asked questions, this time with the kind support of the state government of NRW (North Rhine-Westphalia, the German federal state in which the forest is).

  • What is the Skillsharing Camp in Hambach Forest?
    The state government of NRW wrote about the last Skillsharing Camp:
    »According to the state government’s information, « Skillsharing Camps » have been held regularly in spring and autumn since 2014. The « Skillsharing Camps » serve, in addition to theoretical-ideological instruction of the participants, to provide practical instructions for protest and occupation activities. In addition, however, knowledge is imparted, which can be assigned to the topic of alternative lifestyle (…). The circle of participants and supporters consists mainly of persons of the left-wing extremist scene, but also are part of the bourgeois spectrum from all over Germany as well as from other European countries.«
    We may add that it is not just about defending the forest, but that the focus is on a sustainable and long-term perspective for resistance as well as on a vision of the society as a whole.
  • When will the Skillshare take place?
    This autumn the Skillshare is from 09/22 to 10/03. Of course you can come earlier or stay longer. The latter would even make us very happy because at the end of the Skillshare the cutting season begins, when RWE is allowed continue the destruction of the forest.
  • How many people do you expect?
    I think we can orient ourselves to the numbers of the last camps. The state government wrote: “The number of participants in the previous Skillsharing Camp was significantly higher than in previous events. The peak number was around 350 participants, compared to an average of about 100 participants in previous years.”
  • What does the whole thing cost?
    Of course we do not charge any money for your participation. If you can give something, of course we will be happy. But if not, that should not be a hindrance.
  • Should I bring something?
    If you have such a thing, it would be great to bring your tent, sleeping bag and mattress. If not, then come anyway, we will find a solution together.
  • Am I punishable if I come to the Skillshare Camp?
    For this a clear no. Comment by the state government on this: The event is being run by the inhabitants of the so-called meadow camp and the forest occupying scene in the Hambach Forest and promoted by various left-wing extremist but also civil-democratic groups. It takes place on private property and therefore it is under civil law.
  • But I have to go to school/university/work
    Call in sick or just dunk. Let’s be honest, wage work or school is not much fun and meaningful things are rarely learned there. Just think about what is more worthwhile for you and where you will have the better time. Well, is the decision so difficult?

If you have further questions or you want to offer a workshop yourself, write to

And by the way, of course racism, sexism, transgender discrimination and any other forms of discrimination and shitty behavior are not welcome!

We are looking forward to your coming!

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