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Le collectif cuisinière Düren informe : Amis de nous, la « No Border Train-Kitchen » cuisent depuis une semaine tous les jours pour 2.000 personnes à la frontière gréco-Macédoine à Idomeni. Ils vous envoient des salutations de solidarité et demandent votre aide :

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iban: DE93 4306 0967 4007 2383 12
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Communication : just people

Dear friends and comrades,

It is now just over 4 weeks since we turned to you to ask for your support. Originally to go to Slovenia – to distribute there donated material (tents, blankets, sleeping bags, etc.) to refugees and to install a mobile soup kitchen.

The response to our call was overwhelming. After a short time we had so much donated material that the collecting points were overflowing.
So some friends started still in the same week with fully loaded transporters.

Then the situation in Slovenia changed and we decided to depart as soon as possible to Lesvos (Greece) with a group of 8 people and a fully loaded 12 ton truck “TrucCall for suppk”.

Shortly after we arrived in Greece, the border between Greece and Macedonia was closed for many refugees. Since then, for almost two weeks, thousands of people persevere there under the toughest conditions, constantly new buses are arriving. The situation is disastrous. It quickly became clear that we had to go to the border near Idomeni to distribute our donated material there and that we would try to cook there.

What we are doing in Idomeni for a week now is non stop cooking. We teamed up with another cooking crew and meanwhile we and another autonomous kitchen take care of 2,000 people every day and provide them with approximately 3,000 meals a day.

First, we installed our kitchen on an abandoned military area and began to cook there. Meanwhile, there was a first major uprising when hundreds of refugees tried to storm the border and tore down the fences (, German).

After 2 days we were evicted from our first spot by the police – while the next, second major uprising began and again hundreds of refugees, more determined than before, tried to rush the border. This was triggered by a mortal electric shock which someone suffered who was on the roof of a freight car. Then the Macedonian military shot at the people about an hour with gas grenades and stun grenades.
In the fog of the tear gas smoke we decided without further ado to occupy a vacant boxcar where we cook since then almost non-stop for thousands. Meanwhile, there was yesterday the third major rebellion in which the protesters were shot at with rubber bullets.

No Border-Train-Kitchen, Idomeni

We learned by doing that it is cheaper to buy food locally. Even with collectioning material (blankets, clothing, footwear, tarpaulins, tents) it turned out to be more convenient (for us) to collect the required stuff on site here in Greece and to support the Greek comrades with that, according to our forces and possibilities (eg by providing a rental truck). However, we don’t want to slow down anyone. There is still a lack of everything. Again and again we encounter people without shoes, blankets, jackets, socks, etc.

Herewith, we turn once again to all of you, with the request (to continue) to assist us. Firstly, we urgently need donations to ever be able to cooking continue. Only in the last week we had to spend 3000,– Euros on food.
Moreover, a part of our cooking crew just had to leave again, so we currently have a staff shortage. In addition we are at the limits of our forces and unfortunately some of us have become ill because it is bitterly cold here at night.

We are a motley crew of activists from the Altmark, Hamburg, Hannover, Berlin, Melbourne and from the middle of nowhere…

Some of us come from Vokü contexts (such as Volxküche soup kitchen Hannover / Le Sabot, Food for Action) and other activists who contribute very different experiences, strengths and weaknesses.

Most of us did not know each others before. What unites us: With our work and the provision of catering and technical infrastructure on site, we want to provide concrete help and thus to support the fleeing people practically to overcome the borders.

Meanwhile, also refugees from Morocco, as well as Iran and Pakistan joined our crew. Without their help we could not cope with this. They too are at the end of their tether…

No Border-Train-Kitchen Idomeni

Meanwhile we have established good contacts in Thessaloniki. Currently we try to find rooms there for « Out of Action » and sleeps to arrive.

As mentioned above, currently we are not many. So if you can imagine cooking one or better two weeks with us or assisting us, and/or relieving us (so that it would be possible to a some of us, to relax 2-3 days to regain their strength) then please contact us.

Info phone: +30-69466-50046

We ask all our friends and comrades to support us according to their forces and possibilities and to think about how and where you can raise any money in your environment, so that the pots still can be full.

It would also be great if you could diffuse or forward this call as widely as possible.

Inform yourself, organise – invent yourselves something!

Thu, Dec. 3rd 2015 / Idomeni

…some count money…
…we count on solidarity
Help us to help!

Donations account:

Rote Hilfe e.V. / OG Salzwedel
IBAN: DE93 4306 0967 4007 2383 12
Bank: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
reference: just people

*No Border (Train-) Kitchen / Idomeni

* the call is supported by: Rote Hilfe e.V. / Ortsgruppe Salzwedel
and the mobile Volxküche Hannover (people’s kitchen Hannover)

Here’s an interview we conducted with people from Iran who currently are on hunger strike (again):

Info on the situation on the border:

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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