Occupation à Manheim

Nous avons squatté à Manheim!

Il y a deux semaines, des gens ont été chassées de leurs maisons dans la Forêt de Hambach. Pendant que les protestations dans la forêt étaient au centre des préoccupations du public, la population locale est forcée déjà depuis des années de quitter les villages environnants. À Manheim aussi.
Plutôt que de ne concerner que les habitant*s, l’exploitation du charbon en Rhénanie est également un problème mondial.

It doesn‘t matter if it‘s a question of the dormice seeing their old oak being destroyed, local farmers seeing their fields dry out and settlements being torn down, humans having to leave the streets in which they first learnt to ride a bicycle, or Peruvian villages being threatened by melting glaciers. All living creatures suffer in common, from this problem from the behaviour of RWE and this destructive culture in general. Multinationals like RWE and politicians need to take responsibility for this issue. If they are not willing to change their methods of energy production, then we as ordinary people are obliged to act.

We are not willing to accept the destruction of these homes, so we‘re occupying them to prevent this. In doing so, we intend to open up a space for free and self-organised living, one that encourages creativity and quality of life and supports each one another in the struggles against RWE. We demand from RWE to give those people the houses back who want to return.

Living in rural areas became attractive to a lot of humans. Far away from an anonymous life in small, unpayable flats in the concrete jungles all over the world where people can help each other, live together and where living projects of different generations can be possible.

We want to make this possible together in unity. With people who live together in Manheim since decades. With people who lived here and already left with their families. With people who came here to fight the structural destruction of nature. And with people who were forced to flee from their homes in other parts of the world, just to be chased away once again from here.

We are standing against the respectless destruction of all types of living spaces! Let‘s make homes out of empty buildings and create new perspectives for us all.

You are all welcome to join us for the house and garden party tomorrow Saturday 13th October from 2pm at the Friedenstrasse 44 in Manheim. see you there!

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